Why is CRICOS Consultancy busy?

17/09/2020 By 0 Comments

What a crazy year it has been! It is hard to believe it is already September. What has happened since March this year is a bit of a blur, and at the same time it is difficult to believe I am busy, while the international student market is facing a challenging time. So, why does CRICOS Consultancy remain busy?

The only time that projects were either postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19, was in March and April this year. Some of my clients called and asked: “How are you going?” I guess they were curious about the state of the market. The clients who cancelled projects were concerned about the immediate impact on the international student market and didn’t see the need for investing now. Whereas, the clients who are keeping us hard at work, actually consider that now is the time to invest and prepare for the opening of the border. There is a balance of two different views, just like it was before COVID-19.

With ASQA’s effort to stimulate a transition to online delivery for many providers, and providers are busy keeping up with the changes, I must say, we can still find the good in bad and bad in good. In the midst of travel restrictions, we are finding innovative ways of doing business. Good times never stay forever, likewise, bad times will not last forever too. So, let’s not forget to breathe, enjoy the weather, be grateful and do the best we can today, for ourselves and others!

Stay positive and safe!