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Welcome to CRICOS Consultancy

CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) Consultancy was founded by Michelle Lee in 2015. She decided to take on the next challenge in the CRICOS industry after setting up an ELICOS college and being the Principal Administrator of it for over 10 years.

CRICOS Consultancy specialises in two areas – ELICOS products and services and CRICOS business solutions.

What makes us unique is that our team of experts, with nearly 40 years of combined expertise and experience, focuses on assisting CRICOS colleges to achieve their goal for successful growth. Click here to know more about our team.

Our philosophy is simple “Let results speak.”

What products or services do you need to grow your college? Contact us and let us help you with your needs. Click here if you would like one of our team members to contact you.

Michelle Lee

Senior ELICOS Consultant

Michelle Lee is both the founder and CEO of CRICOS Consultancy. She has over 10 years of knowledge and experience in the international education industry. Her experience is based on establishing and operating her own and other ELICOS colleges. With her passion in business strategy, she believes collaborating with the best consultants who are specialised in different areas, provides the maximum benefit to her clients. Her expertise is in CRICOS and ELICOS. Furthermore, depending on the type of projects Michelle undertakes, she partners with other consultants who are experts in the Vocational and Higher Education industry to give the best support to her clients.

"A fantastic advisor. Michelle pairs compliance expertise with real operating experience. Recommendations quickly turned to results - Michelle went well beyond scope to ensure necessary changes were effectively integrated in to the fabric of the business. Thank you".

Ben Cheyne - Investment Team, Auxano

"In my capacity as Principal Executive Officer I would like to thank you for the professional and customer focused approach displayed in your interaction with Barton International College. The Cambridge programmes you designed for Barton International College were of an impressive standard and were delivered within the agreed timeframes. You were always efficient, helpful and proactive and the outcome was the CRCIOS approval, an inevitability with you driving the project! I have found you to be reliable, approachable, well-organized and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend your services to others in the industry and look forward to continuing our association with your company in the future."

Lily Johannes - Principal Executive Officer, Barton International College

Jerry Stefik

Moodle LMS Consultant

Jerry Stefik is the Moodle specialist that has been involved in creating LMS systems for Higher Education, CRICOS and ELICOS for the past 5 years. In order to provide an ease of management, increase learning efficiency and collaboration between learners and trainers, he works on the initial configuration to redesigning LMS systems.

"Jerry developed and amazing improvements to our existing Moodle, from no structure to solid reporting system and easy managed our Trimesters."

Alison McPhee - Learning resources and support officer - (AIH) Australian Institute of Higher Education

"Nice work on your LMS Moodle hosting. IT services did exactly what you said it does. We have no regrets!"

Julie Lee - Marketing Manager - Queens College

"Very easy to use. Moodle LMS has completely surpassed our expectations. No matter where you go, Moodle LMS by Jerry is the coolest, useful progress reports, most happening thing around!"

Bruce Cheng - IT Manager - Empower Institute

Matt Jereb

Systems Integrator & IT support

Matt Jereb’s career spans over 8 years as a system integrator and solution architect. He specialises in identifying business needs and providing effective solutions to challenges. Prior to joining CRICOS Consultancy, Matt worked with numerous organisations in education, healthcare, telcos and pharmaceuticals.

"IT services saved my business. The service is excellent. Great job!"

Michael Mohi - Founder & CEO - Mohi Media

"IT services has really helped our business. We can't understand how we've been living without managed virtual infrastructure that is powered purely in cloud."

Jaikiran Seelam - Founder & CEO

Monika Kamycka

Lead Graphic Designer

Monika Kamycka has developed her skills over 8 years working with a variety of design projects. Projects that Monika thrives on and excels in are graphic design, illustration and concept art in both print and digital medium.

Our cooperation on graphic designs has been very good since the first project. That is why we decided to use Monika's services several times in creating our folders, leaflets and cycles of press advertisements.

Michael Berkeley - CEO - LeanModus