IT Services

CRICOS Consultancy IT experts provide comprehensive IT services to our valued educational clientele. Our aim is to deliver exceptional support services to complement businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to well-established colleges including the support for in-house IT departments. Our systems engineers are readily available to deliver innovative support services Australia wide through the following support models:

Remote Help Desk Support

Clients are offered the convenience to contact our Help Desk and speak directly with an IT Support Engineer for assistance with any computer software or PC issues.

Online Support

No matter which part of Australia you are located, if you are connected to the internet you can get connected to a CRICOS IT technician. The convenience and efficiency offered by online support mean a technician can assist your IT issues as soon as a service ticket has been lodged.

Onsite Support

Technicians and System Engineers are readily available to attend a client’s workplace to assess their work environment and resolve any issues that could not be resolved remotely.

Pre-paid IT support

Clients who have not entered a Managed Service Agreement with CRICOS Consultancy still have the opportunity to utilise our professional IT support services when issues arise on a “Pay as you go” option.

Pre-paid 10

$ 1,600 10 hours

Pre-paid 20

$ 3,100 20 hours

Pre-paid 50

$ 7,000 50 hours

All pricing is exclusive of GST and the package is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

IT Integration

Do you need someone to plan and complete campus establishment from technological fittings up to cloud services or on-premise servers? We are here to help. Feel free to contact us. See below for details.

  • Integrating infrastructure and systems from complete campus establishment through to static and mobile networks, security systems, servers and business continuity.
  • Securing service integrates with your environment: supplier management, equipment acceptance and installation, configuration and final commissioning.


Q: Can you provide a quote for a new hardware facility if we want to upgrade our computer system in the college?

A: Yes. CRICOS Consultancy can deliver any IT related hardware, from smart boards, laptops, computers to wireless systems and CCTV. Anything that a college needs we can deliver. Additionally, we have leasing options to lower the impact of spending funds.

Q: How much do you charge for computer installation?

A: It depends on how many computers you need to setup OS into. We can provide a self-installation platform to the college to simply install any computer with one click for quick deployment.

Please refer to pre-paid IT packages.

Q: Do you install security systems as well?

A: Yes, we install IP CCTV cameras and security systems.

Q: How much will it cost to install a security system?

A: The cost will vary depending on things such as the floor layout, how many sensors are required and etc. Send us an email and we can definitely assist you with pricing and security solutions.

Q: How long does it take for a security system to be installed?

A: The timeframe will vary. It depends on the scale of deployment but it would generally take 2 to 4 business days.

Q: What is the benefit of ongoing support rather than calling you when we need IT support?

A: Pre-emptive support includes 24/7 monitoring systems for all your computers and network infrastructure. If we identify some strange behaviour that can cause system interruptions, we usually fix it before any interruptions can occur. Also, we install small agents on each computer to monitor computer health checks and provide remote support to computer users instantly. In regards to network infrastructure, we maintain and upgrade your system during the evening to provide maximum security.

Q: How do you provide ongoing support? Onsite or online?

A: It depends on the needs of our clients. We provide support using both methods. If we cannot resolve the issue remotely, then we will visit our client and fix the issue on the spot.