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12/08/2019 By 0 Comments

Let’s Talk About Delivering IT Courses.

When I speak to the IT course providers I know, they are at full capacity – thanks to having IT courses on their CRICOS scope. However, when it comes to effective delivery, having unreliable IT learning resources, and the pressure of having to maintain the ever-changing computer facility is a reality. Therefore, most of the IT providers settle for mostly theory-based units and few practical units.

As a result, international students enrolling in a vocational IT course who think they will be job-ready, cannot avoid disappointment. When I get the chance to speak to international students, I like to ask how they feel about the course they are studying or have studied. The common response I get from IT students is, they expected to learn about IT, meaning practical IT skills, not just the theory.

To provide practical IT courses, providers require lab facilities with real-life scenarios that include multiple computers and complex network designs. Basically, providers need a high investment in a lab setup, quality learning resources and well-trained IT trainers to provide consistency in delivery that could satisfy students’ needs.  The truth is, having a combination of these three essential elements isn’t easy.

But when I met the developers of eduLAB (Jerry Stefik and Matt Jereb), I found the solution. They are IT consultants with extensive experience in the education industry, and they understand the challenges providers are facing when it comes to delivering effective IT courses. According to Jerry and Matt, in this fast-changing, IT world, for providers to keep up with the educational needs of IT students is difficult. That is the reason why they developed eduLAB, the practical IT learning resource for students and IT trainers.

eduLAB comes with a Workbook, a Trainer’s Handbook and an eduLAB portal for each unit of competency. The Workbook offers step-by-step activities that guide students to achieve the required practical IT skills. Students will learn to complete their requisite tasks using labs in the eduLAB portal. These labs facilitate real-life scenarios that include multiple virtual computers and complex network designs. The Workbook, along with the eduLAB portal, offers students a job-ready experience. The Trainer’s Handbook has clear instructions and explanations on how to use eduLAB to deliver the relevant tasks. Once practical learning is conducted, trainers can use assessment materials to assess students.

If you want to deliver practical IT courses effectively, I recommend you consider eduLAB. It’s a complete IT learning resource. Here is their website link www.edulab.com.au/vocational